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Viewing Files

Below you will see my three preferred views of the folder structure I am using to save files and keep notes in my courses and for other purposes.

Hint: To switch views on a Mac, use these buttons:

View 1

This view is called List View.  The advantage of this view is that the structure directly represents the outline of this course.  The disadvantage is none.  This folder structure does it’s job perfectly.  However, if each folder were expanded, it may be overwhelming to see so many files at once.

View 2

This view is called Cover Flow.  The window is split into two.  The expanded folder structure below represents the visible files.  The advantage of this view is that I can preview the files contained in the folders by scrolling left or right or by moving up and down in the lower half of the window.  This is great for a folder full of eBooks.  The disadvantage is none.  Each view is used depending on the needs at the time.  If you have a smaller screen resolution, the screen space needed to use Cover Flow might be a disadvantage as you would want to maximize the window.

Alternative Viewing

These views (on an iPhone) show how this sync’d folder is accessible from anywhere.  The advantage is that it is accessible, the disadvantage is that the files are not editable.  Also, without decent bandwidth, it may be difficult to access these files.


My preferred view is List View.  This is because I think it is the most logical hierarchy.  FYI: If these files are stored on Google Docs, then they would be editable from your iPhone or other mobile device.

I am using Dropbox to sync these files.  I highly recommend this if you are not using MobileMe.


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