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Evaluating, Editing and Writing

Note: For the sake to this person’s privacy, I will refer to her as “Jane Doe”.

For this assignment, I am going to evaluate and edit Jane Doe’s assignment. Since I posted my assignment first, I get to pick whomever I want. While Jane Doe is evaluating my assignment, I am evaluating hers because she is the first available person to choose from. After reading through her assignment a few times and following up on her leads, this is my evaluation:

Evaluation of Jane Doe’s Career Research

How reliable were the resources the student used? Why do you think so?

What really is the criteria for a reliable source? I’ve tried things like, WHOIS searches, I’ve searched for reviews of specific job search sites, and I’ve examined the sites myself. I don’t think there is any one way to be for sure. Even sites like Facebook are only repositories for user input. Facebook has no way to validate a job posting. However, following Jane Doe’s tracks, I feel confident that her job leads were from reliable sources. I hadn’t heard of the Job Search Engine,, before, but I found some great postings there. I even applied for a job there today. Once I find a good lead, I try to find the company’s home page. The job hunt is like being an investigator. I also look for additional sources that support the validity of the company I am applying for.

Consider and edit grammatical, spelling and English usage of the summary. Include suggestions for improving the summary and point out instances of typos and incorrect language usage. Use the online writing lab for help, if you need it.

Jane Doe, I think you need to consider an overall structure here. What is the introductory statement here? What is your conclusion? These questions are rhetorical. It’s clear what these answers are, but in your structure, these elements are hard to find.

Also, be sure to link sites like In your assignment, I had a difficult time telling that Indeed was a job search engine.

What are the other roles of an Interactive Designer? What other job titles can be considered an Interactive Designer? I ask this because I think you may find more options by searching synonyms of Interactive Design. These may be Usability Designer or Web Designer. I started with the critera, “Web” and isolated my results manually. If you did that, please disregard this paragraph.

Do a little additional research on this topic on your own and suggest at least one additional source of material the student should consider.

Have you tried any local searches? Living in a more densly populated part of the country, I imagine that local searches can have a few Easter eggs. I thought this was a cool site: It has some job hunting tools on it too.

Edited Copy of Jane Doe’s Assignment

Researching a Career: Interactive Designer

Week 5 Assignment 1
Jane Doe
February 07, 2010


  • Adobe CS (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustator)
  • Knowledgeable of cross browser compatibility issues and solutions
  • Looking for motivated self starters with at least 3-5 years of listening to business and project goals and answering with interactive design solution in some cases you’ll be required to evolve a design step by step from a concept to a final case we my move more quickly to meet business needs
  • Exhibit strong sense of design through the use of color usage, graphical treatments, and text layout while developing user friendly interfaces
  • Balance: successfully shift your focus on a wide variety of small, mid-sized, and large projects in a fast paced environment through the use of good time management


  • Working with a content management system a plus
  • Ability to work within the following languages a plus but not required (JavaScript and Flash Action Script)

Note: Look at consistencies in grammar and punctuation. The above list had a period after only 1 of the sentences. Should you omit the period or add periods to the other items? Consistency is very important. It’s always the first thing I notice.


After doing a lot of research on the Internet using search engines Indeed, Dice, Yahoo! Hot Jobs, Facebook Job Search, and, I found the average salary is $83,000/year, which is 24% greater in Newark, NJ then anywhere in the rest of the US. I also tried Monster and, but was not successful.

The company closest to me is Synectics. Synetics is located in Newark, NJ, which is hour an hour away (give or take depending on traffic). Synectics has been around for 25 years, has great potential for continual growth, excellent opportunities, and they are a 1 tier preferred vendor with several leading companies. I feel very comfortable and may possible apply for a position with them when the time comes. You can look them up at or

Using my Campus Commons Career Center and trying to use my critical thinking skills (which I am learning from my text book Cornerstone: Discovering Your Potential: Learning Actively, and Living Well in Chapters 9 and 10), I felt this was the way to go. I asked myself, “Could I get there every day on time, would it be beneficial to stay at home and work, or should I relocate?” (which is not an option for me at this time).


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