tl;dr | Garrett Guynn


Yes, And?

I’m the type of person that gets really excited when in an interesting conversation. I have to shut myself out and focus on the speaker if I am to get all the information. I do this by making eye contact with the speaker and giving them my attention.

Weather it’s an engaging conversation, or just casual conversation I am engaged in, it is polite to show the speaker I am listening (and rude not to!). I also do this with verbal gestures. Often, someone has a great idea, and I say, “Yes, But.”. When I say, “but”, I am discounting what the person just said. I learned that from my friend Tony [Tony Baylinson].

These days, when someones has a great idea, I immediately say, “Yes! And?” By being a “yes, and?” person, I can then make my point while not trampling on the other person’s great point. That has helped me to become an active listener.


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