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Summary of Textbook Materials

While reading this weeks material and thinking of what my note taking strategy would be, I decided to read on before starting to take any notes. I realized that since this lessons goal what to outline the best way for me to “learn”, I used the assessments provided to help me decide what method I should use.

My Multiple Intelligence = Thinking vs. Feeling
My Learning Style = Tactile

Note taking process

Using this information, and having learned from the “Learning habits” lesson, I used the information in “Chapter 6” on “The Mapping System” method of note taking. I felt this was a more tactile approach; consistent with my LEARNING STYLE. Keeping notes on paper or online, would vary depending on the learning environment:

1. Doing this on paper: This would be the most effective method if I were attending a live class or did not need to save my notes.

2. ONLINE: In this class, I benefit more from mapping my notes because they become more accessible. It also integrates into my existing schooling work flow and organizational habits.

Mapping out my notes

POINT: Using flowchart software would work well in a collaborate online environment. Also, this software offers Multi-touch gesture support, maximizing the TACTILE APPROACH and speeding up the process of keeping these types of notes online.

Another POINT: Being to rearrange the notes gives me the ability to relate relationships visually. Often I find that I need to move some of the elements. This helps me learn by allowing me to “explore” the information until I see the overall picture. My motto: ‘Life is “trying things to see if they work.”‘.

Mixing Learning Styles

But what about the Multiple Intelligence approach? And could I be hindering my ability to learn by focusing too much on the note taking? I think that assessing Learning Styles by each method will give you better insight into what approach to take to better learn from school.

Oh, yeah, those habits

Well, I decided to look at Reading as “Listening” and emphasis on OBJECTIVITY. Objectivity, because I am a Thinking/Feeling intelligence type. I should READ:

* With purpose
* Objectivity
* Constructively

Stop, take notes, read, stop, take notes…

What is happening here is I am cycling through this information, processing it, and interacting with it.

This is most effective for me.

I think that it is EXTREMELY important to set up your environment. I use a second Internet Browser on my computer that is configured to load all the pages I need for school in separate tabs. Also, the bookmarks are also all related to school. Doing this gets me ready to learn quicker as I don’t have to fumble opening my email, and school, calendar, etc. Once all the pages are open, it’s a good idea to create a “workspace”.

In this picture, you’ll see I have arranged windows for the school environment (AI Online), books I need (open .PDF), the Draft of my Assignment (Google Doc), and my notes (Flowchart [created with MindNode software]).

It helps to see the Assignment Objectives while I am reading. It helps me to stick to the underlying points.

Take screen shots as notes!

In summary

The materials I used to READ and RECORD:

* My “Listening” skills
* Setting up a learning “Environment”
* Mapping notes with MindNode or on Paper
* Mix of methods learned from Learning Style assessments

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