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Pictured below is a table of the courses required to earn this Associate’s degree. Originally, I interpreted this assignment as “List your expectations for each class.” There are simply too many to list, and honestly, I expect to gain from each course what it is titled.

However, in taking the time prepare for my “misinterpreted” assignment, I had put together a handy table that details my Program of Study. I will keep this and go back to it to update my progress. This will really motivate me because I really want to fill this table up! In my first go-around with school, I quit because I wanted to give up. I hope each person in my classes don’t have that same attitude. I can look at this and tell myself, “Just a few at a time.” I can’t believe that the first class is already half way over!

Overall expectation for my Program of Study

What do I expect to gain from this cumulative list of courses? I can go down this list and tell you that I am well-seasoned in 90% of these categories. I’m not going to tell you that I know it all, and I’m not going to tell you that I cannot benefit from these courses. My expectations, however, have to be greater than most beginners in these areas. I cannot simply say, “Oh, this will be easy.” I EXPECT to learn, re-learn, re-think, and re-habit my way of thinking and existing workflows.

I expect to gain from my Program of Study:

* New methods
* New ideas
* Better methods
* Friends
* Leadership skills
* Habits that pertain to note taking, study skills, and developing documentation for end-users and other developers/designers
* Better writing skills
* More friends
* Better work habits
* Respect from my peers
* Some animation techniques
* A rock-solid academic career portfolio
* The “want” to CONTINUE my education
* Self-esteem and the “You did it !” attitude
* A better paying job

Career options and looking forward

Currently, I am 3 years into my career. I am contributing to retirement, making a descent salary, and feel good about the direction of my career. Right now, with my experience, I could probably get a less-paying job down in the lower 48. I could even try to Freelance and manage my own business. The fact is (and I’ve looked into this), most employers in in the Information Design/Web Development field, expect you to have a BA and no less. I found that this is common with most jobs topping 40k/year. I expect that when I finish school, opportunities will open. Still, I’d like to seek my own agenda in my career. “Design-based approaches to learning have a longstanding place in the K – 12 classroom, yet research attention to the role and effects of design-based learning experiences is in its infancy.” [link to post]. I would like to spend my career building the future UI (user interface), the future interaction (multi-touch), and the future classroom (through video games and UI design). It would be fun!

Personality vs. Strengths in Learning

I really feel like this class has over-used the personality > learning point. I think that all personality types have their pros and cons in learning, and I go with what is natural. This could be a weakness in my personality. The outcome Thinking/Feeling in my assessment has told me that I really do need to practice Filtering my Thoughts. I often find that I get very emotionally distracted by things in my life. So, I will need to continue to need to use OBJECTIVITY as well. I don’t think I will know what each of these strengths and weaknesses are until I get further along in my Program of Study.

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