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Building Blocks for Change

Using the information you gained from the ILS learning preferences questionnaire (Link to ILS is found on Your Approach to Learning lecture page), describe some ways that you can benefit from knowing your types (active or passive; sensing or intuitive; visual or verbal; sequential or global) and how you might apply these to enhance your online learning success.

Knowing these results reinforces my thoughts that different learning patterns are accepted. It is also beneficial seeing how these pattern’s scales relate on a chart.

List at least TWO habits that you feel have helped you or will help you in your scholastic and professional career and TWO habits that you feel have or might have hindered your advancement.

1. By learning-as-I-go, and being an Active Learner, I have been able to keep up with new information.
2. By learning about concepts, and being a Global learner, I am able to summarize information well…
…which is 3. By skimming content, and not reading it fully, I often miss out on important details.
…and 4. By not keeping notes and from working out of sequence, I often have to trace my steps to validate the quality of my work.

Discuss how you will go about changing your “hindering habits” in the coming weeks. Be specific in your description of past experiences in changing habits or in your plans to change hindering habits.

I will change my habits by embracing new ideas and learning from others. By making them practice, I think it’s possible to move from having hindering habits to developing working, healthy habits.

How does knowing more about your learning preferences from your results on the ILS support your helpful habits and/or help you overcome hindering habits?

I think it is important to be able to switch-modes and and have different habits for different situations. The learning styles provide a great point of reference to make improvements and adjust for new situations.

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